Why work with us?

It’s not easy to do business with the public sector, set against a backdrop of bureaucracy, acronyms, multiple layers of government national, regional, local and multiple departments within each layer; this creates a myriad of different stakeholders with different objectives and aims which are not always in tune with what industry wants or needs.  A revered local business recently stated:

“I do not know who to speak to if I want to talk about my plans for growth and what support is available from the public sector, is it the LEP, is It BIS Is it UKTI, is it the Growth Hub, is it Cheshire East Council? If so, which department – planning, regeneration, assets, etc.?”

Put simply sometimes the public sector is a confusing landscape to navigate.

Cheshire East recognises this and is not prepared to accept the status quo and has acted decisively and created the Skills & Growth Company, which will provide a one stop shop for all engagements with the private sector, cut through the red tape and provide a credible service led by professionals for professionals. The sole aim is also simple – to maximise economic growth of Cheshire East.

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