Digital+ Case Study: Actikem

Digital+ Case Study: Actikem

“Attending the Digital+ Programme was very beneficial in terms of its content and delivery. The 1-day intensive Seminar was expertly led and packed full of useful tips to help businesses unravel a lot of the digital ‘jargon’ and seize the opportunities that these new platforms and channels can provide.” Audrey Mooney, Sales & Marketing Manager


Actikem Ltd based in Warrington, Cheshire is an ISO 9001 certified business that provides bespoke chemical manufacturing and repacking services to the UK and European chemical supply chain with a strong focus on delivering an unrivalled service.

Why did you want to take part in the Digital+ Programme?
I was very interested in taking part in the Digital+ Programme, as I wanted to widen my knowledge of digital technologies and understand the benefits to help me improve our business.

How did the Digital+ Programme benefit your business?
During the Seminar we looked at Cloud-based systems, platforms, channels, app’s; things which didn’t even exist 10-15 years ago! Whilst it can be quite daunting and overwhelming, (particularly if, like me, you started your working life in a pre-computer era, where typewriters, telex machines and fax machines were the order of the day!)
There are real benefits to be had for those who have an open mind and are willing to embrace the digital technology age and make the most of the benefits that they can offer.

Since attending the Digital+ Programme have you made any changes?
Yes, since attending the Digital+ Programme, I have signed up to a Level 3 Digital Marketer Adult Apprenticeship course, which is giving me an excellent opportunity to further increase my knowledge of digital marketing. We are now in the process of rolling out several digital initiatives throughout the company. Through our increased knowledge of Social Media, we now engage more frequently with our customers and prospects. Whilst we still undertake traditional marketing activities, we now understand the importance of digital marketing activities and through our increased digital knowledge we aim to grow our business, create opportunities for our staff, and hopefully create new jobs and business opportunities for the local community too.

How have you found the support provided by the Digital+ programme?
The support provided by the Digital+ programme really has been excellent.
James Rowley, Digital+ Business Connector has been a tremendous support to us. We are grateful to James for introducing us to the programme and signposting us to the support. We are fortunate to have had the opportunity of taking part in the Digital+ Programme and look forward to reaping the rewards!

Would you recommend this project to other SME’s across Cheshire and Warrington?
Yes, most definitely! It really is a day well-spent if you are looking to develop your business. I can guarantee that not only will you come away from the session with a greater understanding of digital technologies; you will also glean some tools and tips which you can easily implement, hopefully helping you to stimulate growth in your business.

Actikem Ltd 
Chemicals Northwest ‘Winners’  (Actikem recently won the ‘Supplier to the Chemicals Industry’ Award)
SOCOTEC ISO9001 Certification  (we are an ISO9001 certified company)
Corporate Livewire ‘Winners’  which we were awarded this year for ‘Innovation and Excellence’

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