Bentley Development Framework and Masterplan

The Bentley Development Framework and Masterplan details the vision of Bentley Motors Ltd to create an advanced manufacturing and business ‘campus’ in Crewe to safeguard and support future growth of Bentley in the town. This vision has been developed in consultation with Cheshire East Council, and supported by the Skills and Growth Company.

In order for Cheshire East Council to decide whether to endorse this vision, a consultation was required. This consultation has enabled local residents and stakeholders to state their views on the vision, and also input into Bentley Motors’ plans at an early pre-planning stage.

The consultation was undertaken by the Skills and Growth Company over a 6 week period between the 3rd January 2017 and 14th February 2017, avoiding the Christmas break and is the standard timescale for a planning application. During this time 369 formal submissions were received and an additional 10 letters received.

Given the early stage of development of this vision, the consultation asked only two quantitative questions on the principles of the campus and growth of Bentley Motors, and importantly allowed for an open response to ensure that all issues were captured.

Overall the consultation showed that;

  • 70% of respondents indicated that they would tend to support or strongly support the growth of Bentley Motors.
  • 48% of respondents supported the creation of the campus, whilst 39% objected.

In May 2017, the Cabinet of Cheshire East Council endorsed the Development Framework and Masterplan produced by Bentley Motors, as the basis of their future ambitions in Crewe, see full press release. It now forms a material consideration in planning matters.

Bentley Motors Development Framework and Masterplan

Bentley Motors Masterplan Consultation Report

Bentley Motors Consultation Report Appendices

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