Broadband Case Study: Supreme Visors

Broadband Case Study: Supreme Visors

“Before we were able to switch to fibre it was as if our broadband was coming down a piece of wet string – now its ten times faster and helping us to grow the business by 15% already” Paul Ferguson, Managing Director, Supreme Visors


Based in Halton near Runcorn, Supreme Visors are a design and manufacturing business specializing in world-class safety headwear, helmets and visors. They sell complete paint spraying hoods alongside a wide range of bespoke items such as mine clearance helmets for the UN, the internal reinforced liners for police helmets and sailor’s hats for the Royal Navy.

Their industrial estate was recently upgraded to fibre via the Connecting Cheshire project.

Prior to fibre being available, the slow and unreliable broadband speed was a huge problem for the company. It was becoming impossible to share documents with customers, suppliers and even their IT support company. Paul explains more: “Frankly it was embarrassing, not only were we missing out on orders, we had to constantly find ways to work around the broadband problems, which meant I had less time to devote to running the businesses.”

“However, since we switched its been a complete transformation, we are now able to fully exploit the cloud for our accounting software, we can share files quickly with customers and update our website with ease; it really has made the difference and given us a much more rapid growth rate!”

Further improvements are planned such as building a more advanced network so their manufacturing equipment can be integrated with their IT system and finally realizing the benefits of a paperless office. For more information on their products, see


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