Business Innovation

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Developments research and analysis shows that innovation is a key driver of growth performance. In the end, growth is about knowledge and ideas coming to fruition: inventing a new product, developing a new service and establishing a better way to manage a business.

Ensuring that businesses have the right access to knowledge and capacity to innovate are critical to improving Cheshire’s productivity output. This is because it is firms that innovate, not regions or sectors.

The Skills & Growth Company can help firms to access the right support to improve their capacity to innovate and to tap into the vast knowledge base available across the area. This includes:

Knowledge Transfer Network

The Knowledge Transfer Network is the UK’s innovation network.  It brings together business, entrepreneurs, academics and funders to develop new products, processes and services.

Innovate UK

Innovate UK is the UK’s innovation agency, a non-departmental public body which is the prime channel through which the Government incentivises innovation in business.

Innovate 2 Succeed

Innovate 2 Succeed is a fully funded programme to support eligible SME’s who want to Grow, Innovate and Internationalise.

SMART Cheshire

SMART Cheshire provides innovation support for micro and small businesses across Cheshire and Warrington.  This fully funded programme, delivered by Manchester Metropolitan University offers leaders of small firms seeking to innovate, a combination of expert workshops and individual coaching, whilst promoting peer-to-peer support through Innovation Growth Groups and individual coaching sessions.

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