Site Masterplanning

Do you want to maximise or expand your business assets?


Making the most effective use of your property, maximising your production space or creating an integrated facility can provide your business with significant growth benefits.

We can support you to successfully assess the development potential of your site balanced with your business needs, engage with local stakeholders and navigate the often complex planning process.

We can work with you to understand your future needs and how to achieve your business ambitions and help you with:

  • Understanding the constraints and strategic opportunities of your site
  • Support to develop options and feasibility studies to find the right way forward
  • Exploring options for mixed-use solutions, campus solutions and future proofing
  • Engagement with council and regulators to ensure your plans take into account any local planning constraints
  • Financial viability of your plans and any potential funding opportunities
  • Understanding the planning process, including pre-planning options and optimising communication with wider stakeholders.

We have helped companies to understand the potential for their site, and develop a plan for the future.  This has included:

  • Mapping the future aspirations of a business and its growth potential
  • Developing plans to fit those aspirations
  • Managing the engagement with the local authority and local residents
  • Advising on media strategies
  • Leading a full and compliant consultation exercise and reporting the findings
  • Gaining Local Authority endorsement and consent for your development plans.

Our Masterplanning team has decades of experience in helping businesses and the public sector, supported by a network of planning, engagement and technical specialists.

Featured case study


Case Study: Bentley Motors Development Framework & Masterplan


“It is vital that we plan for the long-term future of our business as we look to evolve our headquarters into industry-leading facilities within a single site.” Wolfgang Dürheimer, Chairman and CEO of Bentley Motors

We worked with Bentley Motors, their planners, and with services from across the Council to shape a Development Framework and Masterplan. This outlined how the long-term future of the factory could look – supporting Bentley as a core component at the heart of Crewe’s economy. A key element of the Masterplan is to create an advanced manufacturing and business ‘campus’ in Crewe to safeguard and support future growth of Bentley in the town. More 

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