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Clean, sustainable growth is increasingly high on the agenda locally and nationally, and it is critical that your business understands how to embed this within everything you do.

We can support you to successfully navigate current energy and sustainability policies, funding opportunities and technology options available to you to enhance your future growth potential.

We specialise in brokering tailored energy and sustainability solutions for major employment sites and developments. Our experienced team of specialist advisors have a vast knowledge of sustainability and energy issues, built over decades of working in the industry, to deliver the best solutions tailored to your needs.

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Strategic Energy Expertise

A commodity that has such a vital impact on our daily lives and one that is only forecast to increase in price over time provides the backdrop to the need to provide leadership within this vital sector.

We have  helped establish a 15-year energy framework with Cheshire East Council to provide affordable energy, grow the low carbon economy and provide decentralised energy to both our residents and businesses.

Crewe is one of only six areas in the United Kingdom that have been identified by the British Geological Survey as having the potential to exploit deep geothermal energy.

The value of geothermal energy and its potential in Europe are outlined on the Geothermal District Heating (GEDH) website. The Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) commissioned a report UK potential Deep Geothermal Review Study, Final Report (2013)  which reviewed the data for Hot Sedimentary Aquifers with specific reference to the Cheshire Basin.

As part of the Ambition for All Sustainable Communities Strategy (2010-2025), the Council put forward a vision of including a step change in local production of energy from renewable sources.

In January 2015 the Council’s Energy Framework  identified Geothermal energy as a significant opportunity to help deliver affordable, sustainable and decentralised energy sources.

The Heat Network Mapping for Leighton West  highlights that there is potential heat demand of 76 GWh/a in Crewe which could be met by the development of a geothermal heat network in the long term. At this stage the work is purely indicative and further work will be required to refine the business case to ensure sustainable demand and supply.

Geothermal projects elsewhere in Europe have progressed due to government and industry risk insurance initiatives to de-risk the initial drilling phase. As part of Cheshire East’s feasibility work a review of options for possible UK geothermal risk funding was undertaken and can be viewed in the Heat network mapping Risk Assessment

District Heating

As part of its ambitions to deliver deep geothermal in Cheshire East, the Council is also working to identify opportunities for decentralised district heating networks across the Borough.

Further information on the benefits of district heating.

Under DECC’s Heat Network Delivery Unit, the Council  has received funding to undertake feasibility studies to identify opportunities for district heating networks in  Crewe Town Centre, Macclesfield Town Centre, and rural-off grid gas areas.

The studies can be found here:

ELENA (European Local Energy Assistance)

This is an energy efficiency and urban transport initiative between the EIB and European Commission under the Horizon 2020 programme. ELENA provides funding for the commercialisation stage, to assist organisations in preparing an investment grade proposal that will successfully be approved.

Cheshire East was the first UK borough to be successful in securing the facility, which saw £1 million of revenue funding awarded for project development services for energy related projects. Previously, only four main city councils had been awarded ELENA funding.

This is a challenging project, creating an investment programme that is worth at least £30 million, as this is the minimum threshold for ELENA. The project’s pipeline conducted at the pre-bid stage needed to be linked to previous feasibility studies and/or scoping that Cheshire East Council had done. Projects in the investment pipeline have to be viable and eligible under ELENA’s requirements to provide the 20x minimum leverage factor. This has enabled us to utilise a wide range of experience within the company:

  • Extensive energy industry expertise
  • Subject matter specialists
  • Bid writing experience
  • Technical knowledge
  • Negotiation of a wide range of energy initiatives and projects
  • Understanding of  social added value
  • Ability to successfully build a relationship with external partners
  • Track record of successfully managing projects
  • Accomplished in attracting funding from EU and other sources.

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