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“As a logistics company, connectivity is paramount to our business and the quality infrastructure and central location was a deciding factor in our choice. All in all, we think Cheshire East is a great place to live and work and moving here was certainly the right decision for us.” David Ashwell, Group Logistics Director

We deliver a programme of promotional activity to encourage and secure new inward investment and reduce barriers to growth for businesses looking to relocate or expand; and work to attract investment in key employment sites and regeneration schemes to help create high value jobs.

Cheshire East is the 6th fastest growing economy in England. Our Gross Value Added (GVA) per head is 47% higher than the North West and 23% higher than the average for England. (Gross Value Added – GVA measures the total value of profits and salaries for companies based in an area.). see more about why Cheshire East is such an economic powerhouse in our Economic Snapshot.

Location is everything… never more so than for your business. In Cheshire East you’ll find the ideal mix of an outstanding asset base and an area recognised as the best place to live in the North West.

We also deliver a package of support to de-risk the investment process for companies relocating to the area.  This includes assistance with suitable premises, promoting the investment and identifying the right customers.

Learn more about why you should invest in Cheshire in our Inward Investment Brochure; see our map for an overview of our Strategic Sites and for more on living in Cheshire see our Relocation Brochure. For an overview of the Commercial Property market see our latest market review.

Find out more below about our range of services designed to make investing as easy as possible or simply contact us.

Our Services:

Relocation Support

We can help you discover why Cheshire East is a great place to live and work. It’s a combination of lots of unique characteristics that come together to make this one of the most desirable places to live in the UK. A nice home? You’ll find plenty of choice, from townhouses to farmhouses and mansions to cottages. Good schools? Cheshire East has some of the best, with 94% rated Outstanding or Good by Ofsted. Beautiful surroundings with plenty to do in your leisure time?

Sourcing Property

We can help you find the right property and location, whether you’re looking to move into Cheshire, or expand into new premises, we provide a comprehensive property searching service and database. We work closely with agents and developers to help you search for all the available properties and land that meet your needs.

Workforce Development

We can also support you with a range of skills and workforce services, including; linking into the highest quality local provision to develop your workforce, sign posting to local and national skills funding opportunities, providing warm introductions to key recruitment and development specialists and training organisations.

Explore Cheshire East:


Knowledge Economy

Cheshire East is the very definition of a dynamic knowledge economy: we’re at the heart of a region with one of the largest science and technology clusters in the UK, and an economy out-performing the UK’s growth by 25%. Our rich culture of innovation and research stretches from antibiotic resistance to cancer drug development and from luxury car manufacturing to cutting edge financial technology.

Sector Specialisms

We have established sector expertise in 6 key areas, Advanced Manufacturing, AgriTech, Creative & Digital, FinTech, Life Sciences & Energy/Low Carbon. Some of the names we’ve attracted and help nurture are among the world’s best: Astra Zeneca, Waters Corporation, Siemens, Bentley Motors, BAE Systems, Barclays, Royal London SAP and more.

Facts & Figures

Cheshire East is something of an economic powerhouse, with output per head over 20% higher than the average for England and outperforming all areas in the North West. We have a host of statistics and detailed information about the area and its economic performance. We also have access to the latest statistics from Nomis, a service provided by the Office for National Statistics, ONS, to give you free access to the most detailed and up-to-date UK labour market statistics from official sources.

Key Assets

Cheshire East is at the heart of the UK, literally. With enviable road and rail links and a major international airport on our doorstep, your business couldn’t be better placed to reach your customer base in the UK and internationally. We’re well-connected in other ways, too: the Connecting Cheshire project has brought  superfast broadband to over 95% of our households and businesses and we have over 200 destinations worldwide available from Manchester Airport.

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