Financial technology – is now a £20 billion industry in the UK. And as part of that, you’ll find an unrivalled cluster of software development and financial services companies in Cheshire East.

Many of the industry’s global players have major centres here; such as Barclays, SAP and Mastercard, and little wonder, with such a skilled workforce at their disposal, and with the number employed in financial services 20% higher than the average.

Our deep and broad financial and IT sector, covers everything from mobile payment apps to risk management, makes Cheshire East an ideal place for developing new technologies. As does the proximity of several universities renowned for their research and development in computer sciences, most notably Manchester and Liverpool.

Our reputation and diversity of expertise has led to a growing number of employees in this sector. There are now 4,800 people employed in computer programming and software related activities in Cheshire East, representing a proportion of the workforce that is twice that of the North West and 40% higher than the national average.

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  • 8,000 employed in financial services
  • 40% more employed in computer programming than national average
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