Trailblazers and New Standards

Trailblazers are groups of employers in common sectors rewriting the Apprenticeships standards for one or more job roles in their sector. The standards they create will gradually replace the existing frameworks that current Apprenticeships are based on.

What exactly are standards?

In order for a job role to be considered an Apprenticeship it has achieve a set learning outcomes and these need to be measurable, hence each job role has set standards and consistent ways for them to be assessed.

Currently every apprentice that joins a business completes a qualification relevant for their job role based on national Apprenticeship frameworks.

The newly developed Trailblazer standards will gradually replace existing Apprenticeship frameworks.

Each standard has the following three elements:

  • Core standard – the knowledge, skills and behaviours required for that job role
  • Options – elements of the job role which may be optional depending on the requirements of the business, skillset and interests of the apprentice, or future career path.
  • Assessment – the method of assessing whether the individual has achieved the required standard.
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