High Level Skills

In its publication ‘Reviewing the requirement for high level STEM skills’ the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) stated “ To reshape its economy around high value, knowledge-intensive activities within an increasingly competitive global economy, the UK must meet the growing demand for people equipped with higher level, economically valuable skills. In particular, ensuring that businesses have access to science, technology, engineering and mathematics skills is critically important since these skills play a central role in developing innovative products and services that can be effectively positioned in world markets.

As part of its response to the higher level skills challenge, the Government is committed to a programme of higher apprenticeships that combine on the job training with study for a higher level qualification at level 4 or above. They are seen to be a mechanism by which employers can more effectively access the specific skills that they need, by growing their own talent and developing a loyal and motivated workforce”.

The Skills & Growth Company is committed to helping businesses in attracting, training and retaining highly skilled employees who can meet the challenges of an ever changing technological and scientific environment.

Higher level qualifications are those above level 3 and can be either academic or vocational based

Science and research are major contributors to the prosperity of the UK

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