Textile Growth Fund Secured for Autoliv in Congleton

Textile Growth Fund Secured for Autoliv in Congleton

On January 17, 2017, Autoliv’s facility in Congleton, Cheshire; Autoliv Airbag International held a celebration event opening new lines.  Employees gathered for a ribbon cutting ceremony celebrating the expansion which increases capacity and allows Autoliv to move into different materials and technologies – strengthening Autoliv’s market leading advantages in market leading safety products.

To support Autoliv’s investment Cheshire East Council assisted with an application for grant support from the ‘Technical Textile Growth Programme’ (TGP) which secured over £500k investment.   The programme was a grant scheme for technical textile companies making significant investment in new equipment, training and research and development.  The scheme was a programme developed under Regional Growth Fund Round 6 and is available for companies throughout England and managed by The Greater Manchester Business Growth Hub.

Autoliv Airbags International is not only a production facility, it is also a development center for state-of-the-art products and a long history of innovation.  It was here Autoliv launched and patented One Piece Woven airbag production weaving highest quality fibers for right first time airbag cushions. ‘At Autoliv Airbag International in Congleton,  we will reliably weave wider, wash and apply finishing coating faster and more efficiently than anyone else  in the market,’ said plant manager Stuart Eustace.

Autoliv’s executives from around Europe along with representatives from Cheshire East Council including Councillor George Hayes (far left), Chairman of the Skills & Growth Company attended a plant tour to go and see Autoliv’s  latest technologies and products.

Gonçalo Alves who was on site from Autoliv Canada’s operations to take and apply the learnings to Autoliv’s Candadian weaving facility made one of the most emotional speeches.

Goncalo Alves wanted to thank all who were gathered. His wife was in a serious car accident where she went into a ditch striking a tree before the car turned over on its side. She was shaken up and bruised but she had no life threatening injuries. It was an Autoliv airbag which saved her. And for that Gonçalo Alves wanted to thank the dedicated team who day after day are ensuring that quality airbags work in the millisecond that they need to.

‘We are producing state-of-the-art airbags here on lines running 24 hours a day 7 days a week.’said Stuart Eustace, plant manager Autoliv Airbag International. ‘Our team is dedicated and focused on making the highest quality airbags possible and take a lot of pride in their work. We know that our work matters and together we can be proud that we are saving lives.’

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